Alpaca Fabric Care

Alpacas are native to the high Andes Mountains of South America. Domesticated for centuries by the Inca of Peru, their precious fleece was worn only by royalty. Alpaca produce over twenty natural shades of a fiber that is soft like cashmere and stronger than wool. This unique hollow core fiber wicks away moisture and is extremely light yet retains the ability to warm its wearer against even the harshest winter chills. It is also not itchey. Its hypoallergenic and contains no lanolin. These attributes, especially the fact that they are super warm and made in the USA make them a favorite of hunters, skiers, boaters, and every person whose feet get cold. Sometimes they are even worn as slippers!

Hand-washing is the gentlest method of cleaning an alpaca garment, and will add years to the apperals life.

Alpaca socks are naturally odor free.