Alpacas in Connecticut

Myvalpaca Farm is located in the town of Lebanon in scenic Southeastern Connecticut. It is a small farm consisting of 60, mostly wooded acres, owned by Valerie Andrews (Garthwait). The goal of the farm is to keep the herd small and the quality of alpacas high so the offspring and products produced from the fleeces are superior. The land, originally farmed in the colonial days, has since grown into dense, beautiful forest land with stone walls running through it. The house was designed and built by Valerie and her family members during the 1970s, with stones used from those walls to face the eight-sided kitchen area. The hard work of clearing the land continues for new grazing areas for the alpacas and the horses.

The farm was originally established in the fall of 2007 by Valerie and her daughter Myriah Hinchey. Alpacas are very spiritual timid animals with beautiful fleece and are one of the oldest domesticated animals in the world.

Raising these animals is a rewarding way of life. Breeding them and watching the crias being born and develop into beautiful animals each with their own personality is exciting.